About BSI

Rick & Sue DeFedele started Business Surplus Inc. back in 1989 with a 4,000 square foot storefront and a hand painted plywood sign.  Offering incredible deals on used office furniture, restaurant equipment and store fixtures; word spread pretty quickly and the business soon outgrew its Turner Street facility.  The company moved to a larger mill building around the corner on Valley Street, but before long was again bulging at the seams and customer parking became an issue, so Business Surplus moved again this time to our current location at 204 Hartford Avenue, Providence, RI.

With easy access off Route 6, ample parking and plenty of floor space, Business Surplus found its ideal location.  Business continued to grow and our reputation with small businesses as a place to find great deals with great customer service expanded throughout Southern New England.

In recent years it became more and more apparent that our customers needed a dependable source for reasonably priced, high quality NEW store fixtures.  With this in mind we expanded into the NEW store fixture market, launched an online store and added a large selection of new store fixtures to our huge inventory of used store fixtures.  We opened BSI Store Fixtures a “new” division of Business Surplus.  At BSI Store Fixtures we have maintained our commitment to the small business community with a policy of no quantity minimums ever. 

At BSI Store Fixtures every customer counts, whether you need 20 showcases or just one!  Whether you need 2000 grid hooks or just one! Whether you purchase in-store or online, you can count on customer service that is second to none.